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Shower Screens

Shower Screens

Renma offers an extensive range of locally-made shower screens. Ranging from Full-Framed, Semi-Frameless and Frameless. Shower screens can be supplied with Pivot, Sliding and Fixed Shower Screens Panels.


Our frameless shower screen is the last word in luxury and style. This screen virtually disappears in your bathroom giving your bathroom a wide open spacious feel and perfectly complements any style allowing the overall interior design to flow. Nearly invisible, your frameless shower screen is a contemporary design element that adds a feeling of opulence and luxury to your dream bathroom. It’s also important to note that a fully frameless screen also works wonderfully, is the easiest screen to clean and extremely low maintenance over its lifetime. We will custom make all frameless shower screens to your needs and specification. We can accommodate any existing or new style and design arrangement. Screens can also be supplied with pivot doors, sliding and fixed shower screen panels.

  • 10mm Glass
  • Clear and White frost glass
  • Accessories available in our selected colours
  • Pivot, Sliding and Fixed panels
  • High-quality and performing accessories


Our semi-frameless shower screen provides a sleek and contemporary look to any bathroom. Semi-frameless shower screens have a modern, minimalist look that complements any bathroom style and design. A semi-frameless shower screen permits that “almost frameless" look at a lower cost compared to a full frameless screen. Renma makes custom semi-frameless shower screens to suit the interior style and design of your bathroom. Let us discuss your needs and create a shower screen to suit your bathroom. Semi-frameless shower screens can take advantage of pivot doors or sliding screen door panels.

  • 6mm Glass
  • Slimline handles comply the modern frames that are a feature of all Renma Shower Screens
  • Pivot, Sliding and fix and swing doors
  • Clear glass
  • Silver and White or Black Frame


Our fully framed shower screen offers a traditional and functional approach. Perfect for providing a shower screen that you can rely on for any bathroom and ensuite, especially for the children and elderly where it is required to have a shower screen that is cost efficient, yet highly durable and easy to clean and maintain. Renma custom makes every fully-framed shower screen to suit your chosen style and design. We consult with you and design your shower screen to suit your existing shower space. You have the choice of a pivot door or sliding door panels.

  • 6mm glass
  • Pivot, Sliding, Over Bath, in Bath
  • Clear and Obscure Glass
  • Framing finished in any of our selected colours
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • High functionality and waterproof
  • High-quality roller assemblies, feature stainless-steel ball bearings, axles and adjustment screws


The Renma Exclusive shower screen provides a convenient and cost effective advantage without lacking of a sleek and modern look for your bathroom. The Renma Exclusive Shower screen are fantastic for rental properties and budget bathrooms where cost is very competitive and installation can be self done. This particular Shower screen is pre-made and available in an abundance of adjustable sizes.

  • 6mm Glass
  • Adjustable screen
  • Slimline handles comply the modern frames that are a feature of all Renma Shower Screens
  • Available in variety of sizes
  • Available in Pivot
  • Available in Clear Glass¬†Only
  • Available in Silver Only


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