419 Flushline Acoustic

419 Flushline Acoustic

Aluminium Window System

The AGS 419 Flushline Acoustic window framing system has been developed to provide a product where acoustic performance is paramount. Accommodating two panes of glass separated by an acoustic gap of approximately 100mm the 419 Flushline Acoustic framing system is ideal to be used in locations close to airports, train stations, busy roads or other noisy areas. With a frame depth of 150mm  the 419 Flushline Acoustic can be used with the Single & Double Glazed 419 Flushline framing systems providing a consistent external appearance.


  • 150mm x 50mm frame
  • Dual glazing pockets that allows a 100mm air space in areas where noise reduction is important
  • Captive glazing wedge options for easier on-site glazing
  • A wide range of compatible AGS window and door suites available

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